PCB Remanufacturing Process
. Our remanufacturing process beings by cleaning each board, then pulling the electrical print(schematic/diagram) from our files from the manufacturer. Our engineering staff and a remanufacturing technician then carefully review the prints to identify any faulty and/or weak charcteristics of each board- both to help identify the current problems, and to recommend new modifications to the board in order to extend its life span for its future use.
 It is until then that we test the circuit boards to identify problems that are occuring with the faulty circuit boards.
 Once these steps are completed, a technician will desolder and remove the defective parts, and replace them with new.
After replacement of the parts is finalized, we will then do a "bench test" on the boards to test new parts.
Now comes the final step. This step is our "Gem Weld Simulation" test. This test is to ensure the circuit board is in working condition. Each board has it's own simulation test equivalent to the welder each board complies with.

Welder Circuit Board Repair Company
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Gem Electronics  The company founded in 1988 - is a repairer and remanufacturer of advanced electronic circuit boards and components for industrial equipment.  The company has an international customer base. 
Gem Electronics was established as a printed circuit board  repairing and remanufacturing company in 1989.  We can recycle bad circuit boards by first testing them, then putting the boards through our own remanufacturing process.  When complete, each circuit board is then tested to the manufacturer's specifications.  In most cases we use the same text fixtures and testing procedures as the original manufacturer.
Customers of Gem Electronics include
NASA, Departments of the Air Force, Navy and Defense, US Customs, US Boarder Patrol, railroads, ship building companys and off shore oil drilling company.  Also working extensively with the automotive industries in the production and assembly of automotive electrical connectors, designing and building automated assembly machines mainly for and or to run parts and components for Ford, Deutsch, AFL, Delphi, Amphenol, Packard Electric and EPC.

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Repairing over 2,500 Different part numbers.
 Burnt and damaged boards may also be able to be evaluated for repair .