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Quick fix Repair and
Standard Repair costs
A quick fix repair is a simple repair of over current devices, Power Supply / Voltage Regulators, Pico and PC Mount Fuses Etc.

A Quick fix repair price is not the normal price for repairs of other kinds.

All other problems will cost the end user of the machine about the cost of a new board.

Please send or call us with a good description of your problem and we will send you a price. Pricing is based upon your accurate description of the problem you are having with your machine. We try to hold to specific pricing for each board based upon it being about 50% of the cost of new. We generally try not to change the pricing unless we find that the board has been very badly damaged much more so than the initial description provides.

You may contact us with your Machine Manufactures name, full machine model name and all numbers, PC board Number and a good description of what is not working on your machine.

How did this problem occur? What it operating normally, plugged into wrong voltage, purchased it used and not working etc.

We will return your call or E-Mail with pricing keeping in mind that we will do out best to try to keep your pricing as low as possible compared to a new board.

There are tremendous expenses involved in the diagnosis and repair of such a delicate and specialized PC board. Welder / Cutting PC board repair is a highly specialized business and takes a great deal of time in conjunction with Highly trained Technicians and Engineers all coordinating to diagnose and repair your circuit board. Over the past 20 years Gemfield - Gem Electronics has acquired a great deal of knowledge and skill. Learning and documenting each boards failure and over time - building a massive technical library and parts replacement archive. This is a very costly and time consuming process and we try to always balance end cost with your need to save money.

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