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Technology Products
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The benefits of weld monitoring technology are simple: every time the welder welds, or is remotely triggered for a weld cycle on a robotic automated system or a simple mobile AC/DC stick welder - a visual profile of the weld data including time duration, power level and amperage absorbed by the weld process is automatically stored into a laptop computer , Computerized interface or even a computer network. Even the simplest of welders new and old can be retrofitted with this technology.

Liability and Implied Warrantee protection
Construction, production and fabrication weld data can be preserved indefinitely in the case of a structural failure to prove total compliance of every weld being within specified tolerances

Weld Data can be displayed on any LCD monitor fixed or mobile. It can even be incorporated into a mobile remote control power, current wire speed settings and more.

Live real time weld data can eliminate the need for future weld inspections such as Visual, Ultrasonic or X-Ray inspections.

This Monitoring system logs every weld preformed. Whether it be structural, fabrication a high speed production piece of equipment and lends itself especially well to production line welding so that quality control data is always present even years after to prove the quality of weld was met.

Every assembly process on an automated machine or assembly line must be verified especially under any ISO type programs. for its proper tolerance using a check station. This process qualifies and can be integrated into or as a separate check or verification station.

Closed loop welding utilizing weld output technology - Further real time Closed loop weld adjustments can be programmed to take place during the weld process to ensure proper welding quality in the industries of shipbuilding, tank contraction, commercial structural welds, industrial refrigeration, oil and gas line construction and repair and automotive construction type welding just to name a few.

Machine vision is also a great way to double check any welding process as far at heat power output and cracking during the weld that cannot be seen under the slag. Precise weld measurements and weld identification as well as part identification are among the simplest of the functions available. Measurements and screwing in the thousandths of an inch as well as part umber identification are also basic to this technology just a few of thousands of the uses of Machine vision including closed loop process control to chance settings on the fly to maintain good part integrity and reduce reject counts. We have been incorporating machine vision in our machines since 1990.
Automation Retrofits
Quality control Products
Closed loop/Remote control
Benefits and explanation of each Retrofit Process.
Real time weld quality data monitoring
Watch your weld quality and live data as well as store it on
on your computer or network for future review.
Eliminate some needs for further inspections, (Ultrasond or X-Ray)
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